Microsoft CRM : Dynamic Picklist using .aspx and AJAX

August 20, 2006 krishnacrm

Hello Everybody

I would like to share one of my experiments with Picklist – How it can be populated dynamically. The idea around this is to make life little bit easier for the System customizer (In Microsoft CRM terms) and also to maintain data for frequently used picklist in one single place.


I guess we can start with the Step by Step Sample code.

Please also Note , if you find better ways of doing / if you like to optimize the code posted here, Drop me a note . It would be immensely useful for me and everyone


The Customer wants to create picklist for list of items.  The list of Items is used in various screens. So rather than entering picklist in different screens , they want to maintain the  list of items in one single place.

Another feature the customer wants ,is to add new items / modify existing items

There is also similar example regarding CRM , AJAX and Drop down list from Joris Kalz.

The core concept for this is from using  Web Service calls within CRM. We build based on that. Instead of using Web Service calls , we just use .aspx page and Filtered Views.

Step 1:


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Suresh&hellip  | 

    we want very urgently sample code which will load the picklist to all the entities by code.

    hope you will send the sample code

  • 2. Richard&hellip  | 

    Same comment as Suresh. Would love to see the entire sample code.


  • 3. shellybriggs42379&hellip  | 

    u0428u0430 u0441u0442u0430u043du0435u0448 u0442u0438 u0435u0434u0438u043d u0421u0415u041du0421u0415u0419, u044au043cu043cu043c :))) Click

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